Salaries Certified Nursing Assistant

For the salaries certified nursing assistant are paid is often based on an hourly rate that is usually dependent on the health care service area they have chosen to work in. Some hospitals that specialize in acute care will have a higher hourly rate then a nursing home for example.  It will all be dependent on how financial the health provider is in regards to funds for staff wages and pay rates.

Employment conditions usually account for a thirty eight hour week or a seventy six hour fortnightly rotating roster. The salaries certified nursing assistant is a term that refers to the hourly rate for an assistant nurse working in a certain area.  Assistant in Nursing staff work in either hospitals, nursing homes, dental surgeries and medical centres.

To ensure a pay rate that is equal to the demand of the assistant nurse, there is a basic hourly rate. This hourly rate can change to a higher rate, but should never go below the States applicable pay scale award.

Salaries Certified Nursing Assistant Allowances

Allowances for salaries certified nursing assistant can include in addition to the hourly rate, shift allowance penalties for working afternoon and night shifts.  This shift allowance is usually a percentage increase of the hourly rate, such as night shift might attract an additional 25% on top of the hourly rate. This is why many nursing assistants prefer to work evening and night shifts as the weekly take home pay is higher then day shift staff.

For example, if you earn ten dollars and hour then the additional twenty five percent will take the hourly rate to $12.50 per hour. But remember, salaries certified nursing assistant are much higher then ten dollars an hour.

Each State will have the applicable State Award For Nursing Assistants and provides guidelines as to the basic hourly rate applicable for that state. It is wise for you to ask during your application for employment, that you ascertain the applicable hourly rates and allowances for the area you wish to work in.

The following table is a guide to the common areas where a certified assistant in nursing will work. The rates will change over time due to Enterprise Bargaining Agreements, increases in the State Awards and the local pay scale structures. Often nursing homes pay above the hourly rate just to retain good quality reliable staff.

Range Of Salaries Certified Nursing Assistant

Certified Nursing Assistant Hourly Rate Comparisons

Nursing Home AU$15.32 – AU$18.12
Residential Care / Assisted Living Facility AU$15.72 – AU$18.80
Hospital AU$15.73 – AU$19.58
Cosmetic Dentistry AU$15.44 – AU$18.85
Health Care Services AU$15.60 – AU$19.09

The above hourly rates are for permanent or full time employed staff. The hourly rate does not include extra shift allowances as they are included on top of the hourly rate.

The casual rate for salaries certified nursing assistant staff is 25% above the hourly rate for full time staff and this will also be for allowances during shift work.

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