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Nursing School Programs

You will find nursing school programs often means studying for three to five years while you gain your nursing education. This basically means that you will need to have casual employment so you get some form of income to pay for your weekly expenses such as your rent, living and transport costs.

Having made the decision to enter into a career in the health field as a nurse by entering into one of many nursing school programs, means you will develop skills that you can use in any country in the world. There is a nursing staff shortage and a career as a nurse is deemed one that is in high demand on a world wide basis. You can work in England, Australia, the United States and any other country you can think of.

Having a nursing degree is your ticket to worldwide employment opportunities. In fact, nurses are often highly traveled taking five to ten year long working holidays practising their craft.

Nursing School Programs Classifications

Nursing school programs range from the entry point of Certified Assistant in Nursing (CNA or AIN), Enrolled Nurse, Registered Nurse, Clinical Nurse through to nurses holding a master of science in nursing.

The decision you will need to make is at what stage of life you are at. If you have the time to study full time for the next five years and finances are not a problem, then enrolling in a college to study towards your bachelor of science in nursing or your associate’s degree in nursing.

On the other hand, if your finances are not that strong and you cannot study for five years full time, then the best way is to enter your nursing career at the starting level of an Assistant in Nursing or Certified Nursing Assistant. These courses run over a period of five to six weeks and guarantees you immediate full time employment.

When you are a certified nursing assistant, you can gain full time employment working in a hospital or a nursing home. Hourly rates range from $15 to $20 per hour with allowances. Now you are in the nursing field as a nurses assistant, you will receive on the job training by a senior registered nurse.

Now, commence your nursing school programs of your choice. You can commence your nursing education by enrolling in an online nursing school program. When you study from home you can then go to your workplace and anything you did not understand in your online training, you are in a position to ask your senior nurse. Your supervising nurse will become, unbeknown to them, your instructor or teacher.

Nursing School Programs Time Frames

Nursing schools programs such as an Associate’s Degree in Nursing generally consists of two to three years education. The Bachelor of Science in Nursing Degree often takes four to five years to complete. Having the opportunity to work as an assistant in nursing working full time in a health providers organization and studying online means you continue to make an income and also have access to senior staff for direction and practical learning.

Once senior staff realize you are studying towards your nursing degree and actively studying in one of many nursing school programs, they will help you by imparting their knowledge to you and guiding you in your duties on a higher level. Receiving on the job intensive training is far better then spending three to five years in a classroom.

Nurse Unit Managers that we have spoken to have all said they are more favorable to nursing staff that have started at the bottom and worked their way to the top. These nurses have shown fortitude in their studies and have gained a whole of life experience. These nurses know what it is like to work at all of the nursing levels and are therefore an asset to have as a nursing staff team member.

Well you cannot get a better endorsement than that. Now we know what the preferred path is in choosing nursing school programs. Start at the bottom and work your way to the top.

An added advantage of participating in online nursing school programs, is you can take the study with you. If you want to work locally, then your online study will not be affected. If you wish to travel overseas and work, then you still have access to your online training. It is a win win situation for you. Making money, working, studying towards a higher paid position and establishing yourself in a solid career.

nursing school programs

Of all the assistant in nursing staff we know, they are all desirous of continuing their studies. You will find working in a nursing home many certified nursing assistants that are studying online towards a more senior nursing degree.

Those nurses have completed their basic training and applied for positions in major hospitals and nursing homes. Each found the process quite easy to follow and all reported the excellent conditions in pay and allowances that they were offered for full time employment and received.

We cannot stress enough that to commence a career in nursing is to start as a qualified nursing assistant and study for that next senior position. All will fall into place and at the same time you will be generating an income.

Nursing school programs are varied and it will all come down to your personal circumstances.

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