Nursing Assistant

The nursing assistant staff play an important role in health care facilities where they support the Enrolled and Registered Nurses to perform day to day operations within the facility. Nursing assistants provide patients with respect to their basic needs such as hygiene, feeding and dressing them.

The level of assistance depends on the physical and mental capacity of each patient.

In addition, the nurse assistant staff are a very useful resource for the senior nursing and medical staff. The nurse assistant basically serves the role as an extra set of hands to relieve some hospital duties often required in the personal management of the patients.

Nursing assistants generally work eight to twelve hour shifts in hospitals and nursing homes on a day, afternoon and night shift roster.

Certified nursing assistant staff are entitled to a decent salary which, according to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, typically earn between $9 and $13 per hour, with those on the higher end of the scale earning $15 to $25 per hour. Nursing assistants can also get extra pay for overtime work, such as filling in for other nursing assistants who are on annual or sick leave,  public holidays and late shift allowances.

Becoming a certified nursing assistant you will typically get one to four weeks paid vacation after a year of service. Other benefits include paid holidays and leave, as well as medical benefits. Depending on the health care facility, nursing assistants may also get retirement benefits.

nursing assistantAs a career, working as a nursing assistant is a good way to start as a nurse in the health care field. Nursing assistants work under the supervision of nurses and assist in patient care. They learn medical practices that will help them advance in their careers to, for example, become nurses or work in hospital administration.

A good certification is needed for nursing assistants since you need to be a licensed professional. You have to take classes and get on-the-job training at hospitals or nursing homes. You will learn important skills, such as CPR which will enable you to help people even outside of work, dealing with difficult patients, handling patients and identifying human behavioral challenges.

Nursing Assistant Programs

All Nursing Assistant Programs will help you learn the basics of providing and taking good care of someone in a safe and professional manner. The nurse assistant duties will be supervised by licensed Nurses both during your nurse assistant training and general practical on the job work. The nurse assistant training helps you learn and meet the spiritual needs of individual patients as well as caring for them.

Most nursing assistant training programs have specialist medical people that will work with you providing on the job training and detailed instruction demonstrating practical techniques.  The majority of nurse assistant training programs work with medical services within the clinical care area.

This usually means that a large part of your practical coaching is at such an institution providing clinical care to patients such as a hospital or a nursing home where senior staff are readily available.

The part of the curriculum for nursing assistant training has theory and practical modules. In this training you have the possibility to deal personally with patients under the close supervision of senior and licensed medical personnel. You will begin your knowledge in this setting knowing that you act under the guidance of a senior staff member.

Nursing Assistant Job Prospects

Completing a certified nursing assistant program has immense benefits in the long term. You will have the much needed job security afforded to you working in health care. Unlike other fields of business, medical and health care business is thriving. As people continue to get sick and hospitals flourish, you have a good chance of staying in this profession for a long time.

Other than job security, graduates of nursing assistant programs also enjoy flexible work hours to suit your home lifestyle. Situations may not be same in all health care institutions and geographical regions but you will certainly get to spend your time in a flexible manner.

Nursing assistant jobs are in demand because hospitals have a significant need for them. Aside from general hospital jobs, nursing assistants may work in home health care facilities and clinics.

Job prospects are plentiful for a nursing assistant, from rural to urban centers and is often a career followed by those wishing to take an extended world wide working holiday.

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