Nursing Assistant in Australia

The demand for a Nursing Assistant in Australia at this present time is quite high. Certified nursing assistants are in short supply with the demand from hospitals and nursing homes far out way the current supply.

Employers are approaching accredited training schools with cheque books in hand to sign up future staff that are just about to commence their training.

There is a lot of opportunity to work as a nursing assistant in Australia that provides full time employment, above award conditions and an enhanced weekly wage to retain staff including the provision for staff to work according to their lifestyle.

Mothers and Fathers are being offered positions with work hours so they can deliver and pick up their children from school, spend weekends and evenings with their families and will meet any other challenge just to retain good reliable staff.

Nursing Assistant in Australia

The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW) reported recently that hospitals accounted for some $14.35 billion of expenditure in 1999-00 and provided almost 5.9 million episodes of admitted patient care (3.9 million in public hospitals and 2 million in private hospitals) using the equivalent of nearly 220 000 full time employees. In 1999-00 there were 52 947 public hospital beds, a decline from the 53 885 beds reported in the previous year. Most of these statistics can be found in the AIHW’s Australian Hospital Statistics 1999-00.

Nursing Assistant In Australia Salary

The salary of a Nursing Assistant in Australia is a good start for your career. You will get an AU$15.44 to AU$23.55 per hour and an overtime rate of AU$11.00 to AU$25.13 per hour. You will also get a bonus of up to AU$1,000. That means you will get a yearly income of AU$30,947 to AU$49,054 as a very minimum working a thirty eight hour week.

If you are ready to dive into the Medical world you need to get assistant in nursing certification so that you can be legally accredited to practice your craft in nursing. There are a lot of training providers and institutions such as the TAFE organisation that are providing training and classes for individuals who would like to become certified nursing assistants.

It’s not as hard as some think it is to become a nursing assistant in Australia, yet it is more likely having a professional job locally or abroad that has the responsibilities which a nurse does, means you have many employment opportunities available to you. As nursing assistants grow in popularity, the names that they can be called also increase in number. Nurse aides, certified nursing assistants, assistant in nursing, CNA’s or AIN’s are but a few of the names referred to for nurse assistants.

Almost all of the training organisations that conduct licensed CNA certification classes are offering information that students or trainees will need to expect in succeeding in the role as a nursing assistant in Australia. Such information may include feeding and showering patients, cleaning up spills and manual handling of bedridden patients.

Qualified nursing assistant in Australia classes are conducted by dedicated training providers and Government organizations that includes every one of the training modules a trainee will need during the entire program. This training includes classroom training where theory is provided and practical on the job training that will better assist trainees in learning basic fundamentals to become a certified nursing assistant.

Nursing Assistant In Australia Training

To become a nursing assistant in Australia, one must undergo on the job training to practice and demonstrate the skills required to safely and competently perform their duties. This will give every student the confidence and potential to know the duties they will do in their jobs in the future whether that is working in a hospital or a nursing home.

The nursing assistant training classes will help the student to earn confidence because they will be able to know more and learn more about being a nursing assistant. By having a hands-on program, students will be able to get the experience they need that will be handy in the future as a qualified nursing assistant.

You will find there is a lot of opportunity as a nursing assistant in Australia, just get your certification and let your career rise because Australia is a big country and has a lot of people, hospitals and nursing homes that need a Nursing Assistant.

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