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There are many reasons for you to focus your efforts towards building a career in the health field and here we answer the question WHAT IS A MEDICAL ASSISTANT? Although the medical assistant profession can be very challenging, involving a lot of dedication and responsibility, it also brings many financial and personal satisfactions. Undoubtedly, medical assistants have always been considered to be major components of the health care industry, fulfilling a set of vital roles in the medical offices.

As a medical assistant, you have the opportunity to offer a very important service to the community, by participating actively in the ongoing process of patients’ care and by channeling your efforts towards improving the patients’ health. Unlike other professions in the medical field, the medical assistant profession involves a lot of interaction and communication, both with the monitored patients and with other members of the medical staff.

Thus, besides being the main health care provider for patients, as a medical assistant you also have the opportunity to offer patients a lot of moral support. Due to its eclectic nature and the pronounced level of interaction with people, the medical assistant profession is considered to be a very demanding profession, requiring a wide range of practical and theoretical skills, good decision making abilities, good communication skills and nevertheless, a lot of talent!


To work like an associate, you need to accomplish 1 year certification program or 2 yrs associate’s degree course from any specific certified schools or establishments. To operate professionally, it is important to have accreditation awarded by Governmental-Association of Medical Assistants. While choosing medical assistant schools, you need to verify their course subjects and whether or not they will get you prepared for such certifications.

Having affinity for medical profession is one of the most significant conditions whilst selecting a career to work as an associate !!!


In order to fulfill your dream of becoming a qualified medical assistant, it is very important not to neglect your professional training. Keep in mind that proper medical assistant training is crucial for becoming certified and acquiring important credentials in a short period of time. At first, medical assistant training focuses on familiarizing you with the basics, later helping you to further expand your knowledge and overall practical skills required.

what is a medical assistantThe best thing to do in order to ensure a secure career in the field is to attend a high quality medical assistant training program at a highly recognized medical assistant school. By attending to a good medical assistant school, you will be able to polish your skills as a medical assistant and become a true professional in your branch. The medical assistant training you will receive in a highly recognized medical assistant school will greatly increase your chances of obtaining your desired certifications and accreditations from the first try, allowing you to build the scaffolds of a promising career in no time!

For numerous people this training is the first step towards establishing a satisfying career in medical and health care services. The tasks of a medical assistant vary, but generally involve organizing the schedule of one, or a number of physicians. This could mean paperwork or dealing with patients; basically, any number of medical or administrative duties could be required, which makes this type of role so interesting. As a medical assistant, you will be responsible for representing your organization and providing various medical and health care solutions to the concerned people.

The duties required to be performed by a medical assistant can vary according to the kind of employer you have chosen to work with, i.e. whether you join a big multidisciplinary hospital or decide to join a private physician. However, irrespective of the duties you are assigned, you need to remember that you are actually working as an intermediately between the doctors and the patients and need to work in sync with the doctor in order to enable them to provide the best medical care to their patients.

In view of the above facts it is quite understandable as to why there is always a great demand for skilled and well-trained medical assistants at all leading hospitals, private clinics and medical offices. You may take either of the one year certificate training or the two-year associate’s training. Both the campus-based institutions and online courses

supply these training for the medical assistants. The programs typically consist of course work along with internship. It is very best that training is taken from an accredited program.


The medical assisting profession also delivers a promising medical assistant salary and an opportunity for career growth. They have flexible roles that allows them to be proficient in doing both clerical and laboratory works. Generally, they are in charge of receiving patients in the office and set their appointments with the doctor. The medical assistants are in charge of performing tasks for example noting down the initial essential signs and medical complaints of their patients. The medical assistant salary of the medical assistant may also matter on the job description of their employer.

In 2010, the medical assistant salary averages to about $28,300 per year. About 50% of the medical assistants generates an income rate that ranges from $23,700-$33,050 every year. The highest earners belonging in the leading 10% can generate an annual income of equal to or more than $39,570, and the lowest earners in the lowest 10% generate $20,600 or less. The average salary of medical assistants who are mostly employed in a hospital setting is about $29,720 yearly.

In 2011, the salary has been boosted to about $20,000 plus annually while fully qualified medical assistants may eventually earn more than $40,000 a year. The estimated boost in the job opportunities for medical assistants within the years of 2010 to 2018 is about 34%, and this is an above average rate among the other occupations. More and more clinics are opening up which increases the job opening for medical assistants. Yet another reason for the growth will be the continuous increase in the population of older individuals who wants more medical attention. Going by this data it is also secure to assume that the medical assistant salary will stay on a secure level inside the next coming years.

So, The question “WHAT IS MEDICAL ASSISTANT” now says it all:- Here you get a clear view, you should maintain your motivation levels high and work hard to achieve your pre-established goals.

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