How To Become An Assistant In Nursing AIN In Australia

It’s never been easier to learn how to become and assistant in nursing AIN in Australia at the moment because there is such a huge demand from nursing homes and hospitals.  To perform the duties of an assistant in nursing you are only required to hold a Certificate III in Aged Care to find and secure employment in a nursing home.

Some nursing homes use the term personal carer and this also requires the Certificate III in Aged Care. There is a difference in the pay scale, hourly rates, however they are very tiny and often makes no difference. The duties are the same as are the working conditions.

So basically it all demands on the name the nursing home uses whether its an assistant nurse or a personal carer.

Hospitals however have a career path guideline and this is where the term assistant in nursing is commonly used. It is well recognised that assistant in nursing staff receive intensive on the job training and they often choose to continue their studies towards an Endorsed Enrolled Nurse.

The Certificate III in Aged Care carries the same requirements as we have discussed here, such as completing the theory training and the clinical skills training. On completion of the training there is a sixty multiple choice questions and answers with a five clinical skills test to have a pass.

On our site we have a nursing assistant multiple choice questions as well as the nursing assistant clinical skills test examination for you to look over to see how well or more importantly, how basic the tests are. The Assessors are always looking for a student who demonstrates the knowledge of their duties as well as the confidence in carrying out those duties.

The Certificate III in Aged Care can be studied through correspondence and there are many institutions that deliver this training online as well as providing the on the job training practical skills placement.

You might think the costs are high to do this training, but when you’re looking at work from $18.00 to $36.00 and hour, those initial costs are well worth it.

To begin training on how to become an assistant in nursing AIN in Australia we recommend searching online, the internet, for service providers in your area.  Australia has a learning centre known as a college called TAFE. The local TAFE colleges are in all major centres and provide courses on the Certificate III in Aged Care.

We always recommend if you can find a college to do the theory training online then go to your local nursing home and speak to the Manager, the Clinical Nurse or Director in charge. You can advise them that your doing the theory study and ask if they are prepared to provide you with the practical training.

This approach shows the manager that your dedicated and willing to perform those duties and more often than not, they will offer you paid training as long as you commit to continue working there, after you have been certified.

The Certificate III in Aged Care has a theory component that can be completed in three weeks including the practical placement training. Once this training is completed you then sit the theory and then the practical exam. These exams are completely designed to test your knowledge and confidence in being able to carry out your duties as a nursing assistant, no surprises.

With the aging workforce, higher health care demands from the public, assistant in nursing AIN staff are in huge demand and employment opportunities are available both in the city and rural areas. With great working conditions, often hours to suit your lifestyle and safe workplaces, this career choice has become the most in demand employment opportunity in Australia.

We hope you have enjoyed our post on how to become and assistant in nursing AIN in Australia and encourage you to consider this exciting position as a career choice that brings and returns whole of life rewards.

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