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We have received many emails asking about free Assistant in Nursing training.  We believe that the same principles in Australia would be applicable to any part of the world where you can source free assistant in nursing training. We have taken on a huge research campaign to locate any organizations in Australia that will provide free training.

free assistant in nursing trainingThe result was basically all the same. We have discovered that dedicated training Agencies who provide the accredited training courses for Assistant in Nursing have to out-source and pay the Facilitators or trainers, a hourly rate for their expertise and time.

Not only that, but the Agencies have administrative costs in running each training course and the associated paper work such as, examinations, course material, correspondence and ultimately the Certification process. This basically meant that free assistant in nursing training was not an option for a dedicated training agency.

However, we have been successful in speaking with Employment Agencies. Those on unemployment benefits can approach their employment agency, such as Mission Australia and the like, and request consideration for them to pay the assistant nursing training course fees.

The Government of Australia has many fee based assistance schemes and such a scheme that pays for and effectively delivers free assistant in nursing training can be sourced from accredited employment agencies. All you need do in this instance is to speak with your Case Manager to see what the options are for your circumstances.

Get Free Assistant In Nursing Training From Your Local Nursing Home

One other method we found that proved quite successful was a direct approach to Nursing Homes. Whilst some, but not all, offered Traineeship programs, some were willing to provide free Assistant in Nursing (AIN) training.

One Nurse Unit Manager we spoke with, offered the advice for those wishing to pursue a career as an Assistant in Nursing, to approach the local nursing home in their area and discuss this with the Manager of the centre. Our NUM echoed our sentiments exactly that organisations are “screaming” (her words not ours) for Assistant in Nursing staff.

So based upon our research, we could not find definitively a training organization that provided free assistant in nursing training to certification, but if any are out there, we would love to hear from you.

We also discovered the best opportunity lies in Employment Agencies who might subsidize the costs of a training course and finally there maybe local institutions that will provide free training to get your Assistant in Nursing certification.

Those who do not meet the unemployment category can expect to pay around $450.00 for training to obtain your AIN certificate. There maybe other costs involved and this depends on the field of AIN your entering.

Now, having said all of this, the rewards can be quite remarkable. An Assistant in Nursing is a valued asset to the organization and you will be offered regular hours and shifts. Pay can be anywhere from $650.00 per week plus allowances, so this can be a financially rewarding field to enter.

Free Assistant In Nursing Training Conclusion

How research showed us that dedicated training agencies do have high costs in running a training course. Employment agencies are in a position to provide funds to a prospective student during their period of unemployment. Lastly, the direct approach to your local nursing home can provide surprising results.

In answer to your questions on free Assistant in Nursing training the overall findings have been there are some opportunities for free training, but preferably better opportunities exist for subsidizing the costs.

Free Assistant in Nursing Training was last modified: April 1st, 2011 by Terry Glass


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