Employment As A Personal Carer In A Nursing Home

Employment as a carer in a nursing homeHave you ever considered applying for employment as a personal carer in a nursing home to further your employment opportunities? This job opportunity is extremely HOT at the moment and nursing homes have a high demand to employ full time permanent staff working as personal carer’s in their facility.

The rate of pay is often at a base of around $18.00 per hour with shift penalties up to twenty five per cent of the hourly rate being added to the base pay. This is why carers working in nursing homes often choose to work the afternoon shifts. Working five days a week completing an eight hour shift often returns a weekly wage in excess of $800.00.

To be frank, some nursing homes work to a tight budget. Paying registered nurses and assistant nurses covers a major expenditure in paying highly qualified staff wages. The role of a carer returns an hourly rate very much less than a registered nurse and slightly less than an assistant nurse. It is for this reason that nursing homes are turning to the role of carer’s forming the basis of the healthcare team.

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With our aging  population there comes the need to provide a place that is secure for aged persons who require high nursing care such as dementia patients and those suffering acute hearing loss on blindness. The healthcare industry has high expectations placed upon it to provide this care to our aged and infirm.

With this demand comes budgeting restraints to ensure the maximum return is delivered to the residents and the running of the facility.

To become a carer in a nursing home you can take on two approaches. A carer in a nursing home requires a Certificate 3 in Aged Care as a basic minimum. You can undergo the Cert 3 in Aged Care at your own cost or you can apply for training and then approach a nursing home to complete your practical training.

At a recent high level meeting we had with nursing home employers, we were informed that staff are in high demand and basically anyone with a Cert 3 will be employed. The employers would rather have an applicant approach them saying, “I have enrolled for a Cert 3 course and would like it if you could give me the practical experience to complete my training“.

The employers all agreed that they would rather take on those who are in their training so they can teach them the right way and not to bring bad practices or lazy techniques with them. In return of providing the training the employers all agreed that some form of commitment to continue working at the facility should be undertaken.

This presents an ideal opportunity for those on unemployment benefits and have been referred to a case manager of an employment agency such as Mission Australia or Sarina Russo job placement. These agencies are in a position to subsidize the cost of the training towards a Certificate 3 in Aged Care. Also, such organizations have the inside running to major employers and this is especially so for nursing homes.

If you want to go for it alone, then enroll for an online course. Take your documentation of your training enrollment with your resume to your local nursing home and ask to speak with the Nurse Manager. Advise the Nurse Manager that you have enrolled into the course and would like to complete the practical side of the training in their facility. Also advise that you are willing to stay on for an agreed period of time after you have successfully completed the certificate.

Based upon our discussions with nursing home employers, this approach will often result in a successful application for employment as a carer in a nursing home.

Once you have successfully applied for a position as a personal carer working in a nursing home don’t stop there. Continue with your studies and go for a Certificate 4 in Aged Care. This certificate will ensure if any Assistant in Nursing positions become available in your area then you will have a high success rate of securing an assistant nurse position.

Should you wish to take the next step, study towards your Enrolled Endorsed Nurse qualifications. I will explain why..

All nursing homes must have a registered nurse working on all three shifts to care for staff and provide the clinical care to the residents. Working with the carers are the enrolled nurses. So the proven career path is to start as a carer working your way up to an endorsed enrolled nurse.

This ensures an increasing amount of your weekly wage coupled with the qualifications enabling you to basically get a job anywhere in the world, or an institution of your choice.

So we like to say make your dreams come true, and consider employment as a personal carer in a nursing home as the stepping stone to your new and rewarding career in nursing.

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