CNA Certification

The definition of CNA Certification is a certified nursing assistant who has completed their training, both theoretical and practical and subsequently passed the State’s certification exam.  Each state of every country has a licensing body that provides a certificate to practice nursing and each state has their own level of expertise required for nursing staff.

The certification exam is designed to test a prospective nursing assistant knowledge as to the delivery of care to patients and to demonstrate their acquired skills and techniques required to perform this work. The exam consists of a multiple choice question paper and a module of practical examination.  We have provided a sample of questions and answers for the CNA certification exam so you can see the level of knowledge required to successfully pass the theory examination.

Training towards cna certification can be done on campus, through and accredited training organization, a hospital, a nursing home, dental surgery or similar health provider. The cheapest by far of all the choices is to study online, through an accredited internet based organization.

CNA Certification Free Training

Free cna training can often be sourced by a direct approach to the local nursing home that may provide free training only if you agree to sign up for a period of time once you have received your nursing assistant accreditation. The feedback we have received from Nurse Unit Managers of nursing homes is they prefer to train their own staff than rather to take on older staff who might have work practices that do not fit in with the nursing homes policy.

The nurse unit managers stated they prefer to see a resume from a prospective nursing assistant that they request free CNA Certification training and make a strong point that they are willing to stay on and continue to work after they have received their certification.

The reason for this is that the nursing home takes a loss in wages while the student is training but recoup some of those losses with a full time employed Certified Nursing Assistant.

The term CNA does stand for certified nursing assistant and in other countries these positions might be known as AIN Assistant in Nursing or nurse assistant. No matter what the term is in your country, the fact remains that nursing assistants form a very important role in the health care team.

CNA Certification

CNA Certification qualified staff work under the supervision of Registered and Enrolled Nurses. Assistant nursing staff are in high demand all over the world and often such a certification allows you one way to have a worldwide working holiday. We know for a fact, that nursing assistant staff are in high demand in all states of Australia where applicants are being offered above award wages and conditions.

If you live overseas and want a working holiday in Australia then do a Google search for exactseek or careerjet Australia where these dedicated employment websites have daily job vacancy listings for CNA Certification qualified nursing staff. The Australian search term on these sites will be AIN or assistant in nursing.

CNA Certification Requirements

We have shown you the link to the sample cna certification sample question and answer that is a multiple choice examination. Some states have different requirements but the basic requirement is a minimum hours of training. Some might be 100 hours and others maybe less, but remember there is a forty hour working week, so basically the training can be completed with four weeks.

Once you are confident that you have the working knowledge of an assistant nurse, then will be the time to sit the certification exam to become a CNA or Certified Assistant in Nursing.  The practical examination is based on your daily activities, such as feeding a patient, making a bed, performing a patient transfer to or from a bed or chair, often with the assistance of another staff member.

The rewards for gaining your CNA Certification is the prospect of full time employment above award wages ranging from $12.00 to $19.95 per hour (if not more) penalty or shift allowances holiday and sick pay with the opportunity to participate in further on the job training.

Do not hesitate to consider a rewarding career in health and complete your training for CNA Certification nursing assistant.

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