Certified Nursing Assistant Test

The certified nursing assistant test is based upon questions from your training modules both formal and practical training. The examination is designed to test you on whether or not you have taken in the training you have just successfully completed.

See our 60 Questions and Answers sample test CNA Certification AIN Training Examination Questions here.

While examinations in different states and countries might differ, they are basically the same. There are no surprise questions and each answer you would know from either what you have learnt or what you practice on a daily basis.

Here are a few samples from the written test that can be of 60 questions or more.

Certified Nursing Assistant Test

Sample questions and each are multiple choice –

To BEST communicate with a client who is totally deaf, the nurse aide should:
(A) smile frequently and speak loudly
(B) smile often and talk rapidly
(C) avoid eye contact
(D) write out information

The nurse aide is asked by a confused client what day it is. The nurse aide should:
(A) explain that memory loss is natural and the date is not important
(B) ignore the request
(C) point to the date on a calendar and say the date
(D) provide the date and then test the client later

To avoid pulling the catheter when turning a male client, the catheter tube must be taped to the client’s:
(A) bed sheet
(B) upper thigh
(C) bed frame
(D) hip

A nurse aide who is active in her church is assigned to care for a client who is not a member of any religious group. The nurse aide SHOULD:
(A) help the client understand the nurse aide’s faith
(B) tell the client that it is important for the client to join some church, even if it is not the nurse aide’s church
(C) respect the client’s beliefs and avoid starting religious discussions
(D) arrange to have the nurse aide’s clergyman visit the client

A client wakes up during the night and asks for something to eat. The nurse aide SHOULD:
(A) check client’s diet before offering nourishment
(B) tell the client nothing is available at night
(C) explain that breakfast is coming in three hours
(D) tell the client that eating is not allowed during the night

The normal aging process is BEST defined as the time when:
(A) people become dependent and childlike
(B) Alzheimer’s disease begins
(C) normal body functions and senses decline
(D) people are over sixty-five years of age

If a client is confused, the nurse aide should:
(A) ignore the client until he starts to make sense
(B) restrain the client so that he does not hurt himself
(C) keep the client away from other clients
(D) help the client to recognize familiar things and people

So as you can see from the above sample, the questions asked are not designed to be trick questions and are straight to the point having an obvious answer.

Certified Nursing Assistant TestYou can actually find in your country and in your own state, sites that have sample certified nursing assistant test sheets that you can download. Ideally you search for a pdf file that you can open and print out.

Once you have your state’s applicable examination sample test, you will then be able to highlight in your training manuals the answers you really should know by using a highlighter. This way when you revise your modules, you will take particular notice of the highlighter text knowing that is an answer to your examination.

So as you can see by the above sampling of questions, the certified nursing assistant test is straight forward and nothing to be afraid of. If by chance you are from another country or state and you find a sample pdf download of a certified nursing assistant test, please leave the link for others in the comment section.


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