Certified Nursing Assistant Programs

In all countries and in each state of the country, there will be a medical health board responsible for administering accrediation to certified nursing assistant programs. This same board will also provide the certificate and accreditation to perform the work of a practising assistant in nursing (cna).

The training programs are provided by hospitals, nursing homes and accredited external providers who have on their staff qualified Educators. Hospital and nursing homes provide on the job training provided by the Enrolled, Registered and Clinical Nurses.

Certified Nursing Assistant Programs – What Are They

Certified nursing assistant programs combine formal classroom education and practical skills training in the wards. From taking blood pressure and other vital signs through to assisting in moving patients to and from bed, will form the basics of your training.

certified nursing assistant programs

Each training program will provide the knowledge and the basic skills required to complete the examination for the certificate applicable for your chosen health field either being acute or aged care.

The certified nursing assistant programs are run over a period of weeks and can be up to nine months full time training. Short duration programs provide the basic skills to enter the field of assistant in nursing while longer programs provide all the training to specialize in each area.

The local State legislation will determine the level of knowledge and skills required from trainees to compently pass the States examination.  Each program is based on those required skills.

Certified Nursing Assistant Programs How Are They Delivered

Certified nursing assistant programs are delivered by way of modules starting from the basics of training through to the more involved training required to provide intensive high patient care.

Training programs can range from earn while you learn, that is, you will be employed on a casual basis earning an income whilst your training, campus training where you attend the providers college through to online training.

Nursing assistant online training is similar to correspondence training where you sign in to your members area on the internet and complete your studies. There is a practical side of the training and online service providers work with you for placement to complete the practical training.

CNA online training suits those who are currently employed and training to change jobs, stay at home Mum’s and Dad’s, those who cannot travel to campus or stay at home Mum’s preparing to re-enter the workforce.

While online training provides the cheapest route, placement in a working hospital or nursing home where you are paid to work, is often the better alternative. Some nursing homes in your local area can and will provide free certified nursing assistant programs but often ask for you to continue working when certified.

Depending on your circumstances the first place to find a training program is to search online or visit sites dealing specifically with providing certified nursing assistant programs. If your unemployed you may be attending an employment agency or receiving benefits. If so, you can ask them for possibilities of paying for your training.

No matter which route you choose, when you enter the health field you will find it is a rewarding career that presents you with boundless possibilities and the opportunity to earn a high income.

Choose the certified nursing assistant programs that meet your circumstances providing you with every possibility of successfully passing your examinations and then realize your dreams as an assistant in nursing.

certified nursing assistant training programs
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