Certified Nursing Assistant CNA Training

Following a career as a certified nursing assistant (cna) can open boundless opportunities for you as you enter this exciting field of nursing. Not only will you receive the basics of nursing training, but as you progress through your career there will be opportunities to advance and to specialize in health care fields.

Certified nursing assistant staff work directly under the supervision of senior staff such as registered and enrolled nurses. These periods of supervision provides the assistant nurse with ongoing on the job training developing skills and techniques.

To become a qualified nursing assistant you will need to complete a certified training organizations certified nursing assistant course. This can be done by attending the organisations training centre, such as a campus, or you might prefer to do your training online with an internet based course.

Certified Nursing Assistant Requirements

All government health departments in your applicable state, have basic requirements to issue a certificate to allow you to practice as a certified nursing assistant. The training provided to you will include all of the modules for you to successfully pass your state’s examinations.  On completion of your training you will sit the certified nursing assistant examination and the course provider will then forward the documentation for accreditation.

The final examination consists of a multiple choice paper where you are questioned on what you have learnt through your training and you choose the correct answer. The practical examination is performed in a simulated wards room where you are put through a variety of scenarios to deal with.

Each of these scenarios will be based upon your training, such as changing a sheet, assisting a patient transfer from and to the bed and other such scenarios.  Your oral examination is answering ten questions based upon the duties you will be required to perform.

Certified Nursing Assistant Examination

To complete the certified nursing assistant examination you will not require any further skills or knowledge as each question is based upon your training and often that training is something you would have done countless times.

certified nursing assistantTo further your training in other health fields you will follow the same process. On completing each module of training your skills will increase as well as the knowledge and confidence to complete what that training has just provided you. For each training module, this will cover tasks that you perform many times and soon becomes second nature for you.

Therefore, when it comes time for your examination, you will have a full and complete knowledge being able to answer the question accurately.

Once you have received your certified nursing assistant accreditation you can then choose which field of health suits your circumstances and believe me when I say, your opportunities will be many.

The reason why is because health organisations require as a matter of urgency full time certified nursing assistant to form part of their health teams.

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