Certified Assistant in Nursing Requirements for Certification

Certified Assistant in Nursing

The basic certification required for an accredited certified Assistant in Nursing is possession of a Certificate III in Aged Care and/or Certificate III in Health Services.

Holding a certificate under Health Services certifies the Assistant in Nursing staff are competent to work under the direct supervision of Clinical Nursing staff.  The AIN will have a hand on role providing acute nursing care to patients recovering from major illness of surgery.

Certificate III in Aged Care entitles the Assistant in Nursing staff to work in Aged Care, private homes, schools, a workplace and residential facilities under the supervision of an Enrolled or Registered Nurse.

Assistant in Nursing staff assist the enrolled and registered nurses in the provision of health care for patients and residents. AIN’s form part of the nursing team. It is the role of the nursing team to continually assess individual patient care plans and delivering of a high standard of health care to the patient.

Certified Assistant in Nursing Requirements

To ensure the delivery of health care is safely administered, all nursing staff need to have the appropriate training and certification. Holding a Certificate III meets the Australian Standards Framework that uses national competency standards from the Government Community Services department or accredited Health Training Modules depending on the health field the AIN staff are working in.

Training towards the Certificate III can be done either through attending a dedicated nursing staff training organisation, a college or online study. Most training courses have a minimum period of study including a hands on practical role.

Once the training is complete the training staff will undergo both a written and oral examination coupled with a practical assessment. To this end trainees are provided with the education and skills required to confidently sit for the examination and then to pass the examination with flying colours.

Receiving your Nationally Accredited Certificate III will entitle you to perform the work of a Certified Assistant in Nursing staff member in each state. If you desire to work overseas, then your accreditation will entitled you to recognised prior learning and meet the standards of the overseas Health Accreditation department.

The role of the Certified Assistant in Nursing staff is limited to activities appropriate to their level of knowledge and skill, and is commensurate with their education and

Certified Assistant in Nursing staff should have access to Health and Community Services Certificate III programs, continuing education programs, and study leave provisions.


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