Buying Uniforms And Clothing

With the advent of online shopping sites it is now much easier to purchase suitable clothes and footwear from the comfort of your own computer chair especially when buying uniforms and clothing.

One of our students came to us with a sample of the goods that she purchased online from E-bay. The goods where just fine and made of very good quality that we all commented on. The student agreed with our comments but made it very clear to us that it was the protection of her purchase that she was most happy with.

See, we soon discovered the purchase of buying uniforms and clothing online was made using Paypal. The student had her bank account linked to her Paypal account with a credit card back up. It was then we were shown the site and the guarantee of the security of the purchase that if the product was not as described or in the condition described, that she had buyer protection.

This meant with a purchase of well over one hundred dollars the goods when received were tried on and inspected for quality and to be damage or fault free.

In this case the goods were perfect and we were quite envious of the quality and the cheap price she paid.

Now it turns out that if the product did not pass inspection that she could contact the seller and discuss this with them. Our student on past occasion had to do this on another matter and the supplier replaced the item free of charge. Our student stated that if after attempting to rectify these matters and they, the seller,  failed or there was a communication block, then she could protest to Paypal.

Paypal then give the seller a short time period to fix the situation to the complete satisfaction of the buyer and if not then Paypal returned the money in full to the buyer.

Buying Uniforms

So long story short, you can guess the class then set about perusing E-bay and the goods on offer for footwear and uniforms. To our surprise the whole process was simple and straight forward. We ordered what we wanted and had the address to the Collage. Within days our items started to arrive in secure packaging and by the post man, just like delivering a letter.

We all received our goods in time and on inspection we were very happy and no one thought they needed any returns or improvements. We had a one hundred per cent success rate and we were all very happy with no disappointments.

The one aspect I noticed from all this was that some nursing assistant students who did not have a lot of money were still able to buy suitable uniforms but at a cheaper price.

Speaking of cheaper price!!! E-bay often has a promotion code that takes off anywhere up to twenty per cent from the final cost. That was a huge discount for use and at such a price were we could not purchase locally at the same price. It basically meant that on our purchase with a 20% discount we nearly paid for our footwear.

Our E-bay store that we went to was Nursing uniforms shoes and accessories

Signup is a breeze and nothing to worry about. The E-bay is a major site and online sales site that is extremely secure and has customer back up where the customer comes first and is always right.

So when you are looking for your uniforms, clothing, footwear and other needs, then visit E-bay and search for what you want to purchase. Make sure your E-bay is local to your country so you source your products locally and quickly.

It also works both ways. You can buy from E-bay and you can sell on E-bay. So any books you might have and no longer need, then sell them. Make sure you make some money out of the whole deal and also include postage costs.

Good luck, and always remember Not All Super Heroes Wear Capes. Love and support our nursing staff and medical teams.


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