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Job aspects for assistant nursing career staff at the current time have never been better due to strict Government and Community standards being placed on the health care system. To this end, nursing staff of all grades are in high demand with Assistant in Nursing staff showing the highest demand rate numbers, worldwide.

assistant nursing careerThe single most major employer in this sector will be nursing homes that cater for people with chronic illness and conditions. Nursing assistants are made up of an aging workforce at the moment and the demand for replacing older retiring staff and current employees will be the major source of job openings for employing nursing assistants.

Assistant nursing careers in the certified nursing field is very promising as almost all the hospitals worldwide needs nursing staff who are committed and are capable of learning new techniques developing with the course of time.

To meet this demand there usually is no further requirement to be accepted to practice the role of an assistant nurse in any country as long as you hold the required assistant in nursing qualification. Some countries might require you can fluently speak the local language but otherwise acceptance to practice is usually granted.

Assistant Nursing Career Salary

Assistant in nursing staff generally work a thirty eight (38) hour week consisting of day, afternoon and night shifts. Working part time and flexi shifts are often available as per request or business practice of the health service provider, such as the hospital or nursing home.

It is really hard to evaluate such services of a nursing assistant in terms of money, but an honourable return is always appreciated. If you talk about the remuneration which a nursing assistant may get for their services, actually depends upon the skills and experience they have got. If you have done some specialized courses which have enhanced your skills, you can certainly get a good salary.

Having said this, State or local wage awards often dictate the minimum hourly rate and allowances. Specialised fields such as veterinary, dental clinics and physician rooms often pay above the award rate or in accordance with a workplace agreement. The reason why? – These establishments make more money.

The salary of certified nurse assistants may be anything from $20,925 up to $32,764 per year. This may increase to $45,377 with the experience and various skills gained through taking further training and study courses. The salary also sometimes depends upon other factors such as shift penalties, working night shifts, public holidays etc. If you are working in a government hospital, the salary would be according to the government legislation.

Interview Questions That Might Be Asked During The Assistant In Nursing Interview

Of all the Nurse Unit Managers that we have spoken with, the single most important question they ask is, “What are your personal circumstances”?

The reason why this question is asked is so they can gauge whether you can be available for work on short notice, if your more suited as a casual or a permanent employee, what shifts you can work and what days of the week you can be available for.

Other questions might include common sense questions such as:

  1. Tell me about a time when a customer or co-worker was very upset and was being unreasonable. What did you do?
  2. Give me an example of how you have dealt with a lot of stress in your job every day. What did you do?
  3. Tell me about a time when you were expected to solve particular problems in your job even though you had not been properly trained. How did you deal with it?
  4. Give me an example of a time when you had to make an important decision on something even though it wasn’t your responsibility. What was the situation and how did it work out?
  5. Suppose, a neighbour of yours has a relative in the hospital and ask you which ward they are in, what do you say to them?
  6. In a 24/7 medical operation, how do you ensure a seamless transition between shifts?
  7. If a friend were to ask you for help in deciding whether to stay or quit a job that was hard work but meaningful work, what would you tell them and why?
  8. You are late for work. You enter the building and notice a non-compliant resident who is drinking a soda but appears to have a wet him/her self. How do you respond?
  9. How do you react to a sense of being overwhelmed with unfinished work ten minutes past your shift deadline when you find a new resident in need?
  10. Your job will require many duties and responsibilities as an assistant in nursing staff member. If at the beginning of your shift, you learn that your co-worker has called in, although help is coming, how would you handle this situation?

Assistant in nursing training is a way to determine if the medical field is the right career for you. At the end of the course, students must pass an aptitude test to demonstrate their ability to perform AIN duties required of them. After this test, the applicant is enrolled as a certified nursing assistant CNA by the state.

Assistant Nursing Career is a rewarding employment path that returns a great income and provides many employment prospects both locally and overseas and a career in the health field as an assistant in nursing is often termed the greatest job in the world.

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