Assistant in Nursing Training Programs

Assistant in Nursing Training Programs

Assistant in Nursing specialists provide care to patient’s by providing to them their basic needs and providing hands on assistance to nursing and medical staff. Often these positions are found in hospitals and nursing home catering for aged care.

When you have made the decision to enter this rewarding and satisfying career, you will find several options open to you to choose your Assistant in Nursing training programs for certification.

Each state requires AIN’s to hold certification with each state’s health department to prove that they have completed the Assistant in Nursing training programs required for the position or area they wish to work in, such as a major hospital or nursing home.

Often, further training in modules provided to Assistant in Nursing staff are required on a Federal level to meet Medicare requirements.  This additional module is a requirement that AIN’s have had ninety hours of training with an additional eighteen hours of training in clinical care.

Each state has different Assistant in Nursing training programs requirements however, most are very close to each other in what those requirements exactly are. The training in some states can be delivered in a short period of time, upto six weeks, while other training programs can span over a period of twelve months before a certificate will be issued.

Therefore, when considering a program of study you need to decide which you would prefer, the training program that lasts weeks or the one that can last upto one year based upon your states requirements.

In your state, you should speak with the Human Resource department of the institution, whether it is a major hospital or a nursing home in your area to find out what the basic requirements are for hiring of Assistant in Nursing staff.

The HR officer will inform you of the basic training and certification required as well as any other requirements, such as hands on experience, that will help you to decide which training program would suit your circumstances.

Assistant in Nursing Training Programs – Online or Facility Training

Once you have an understanding of the basic training and certification required, you can then look at Assistant in Nursing training programs facilities to find out which training programs they have on offer.

This is your opportunity to perhaps attend the training facility and look through the curriculum of training, the classrooms and visual aides available during your course. It is also an opportunity to work out a schedule that suits your present circumstances, such as, availability – are you working – do you have family committments – will the training cover you if you wish to travel interstate or overseas etc.

Once you have all the information to hand, you can then make a considered decision of whether training full time at a training institution or maybe online training – home study – is the right approach for you.

The critical part of your training is the end result. Will the training course you have opted to participate in, provide you with the correct certification and skills to successfully apply for an Assistant in Nursing position of your choice?

If you are unsure then contact the department in your state that handles Health Workers certification. You can advise the customer care officer of the course you are considering and the certificate applicable to that training. The customer care officer will then be able to give you a definite answer if you would meet the state’s requirements for Assistant in Nursing certification.

With a little bit of research on your part, finding out your states certification requirements,  institution guidelines for hiring staff, length of training to meet requirements of interstate or overseas health departments, you will be in a position to find and complete your Assistant in Nursing training programs that will last you throughout your career.

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