Assistant in Nursing Position Description And Duties

A typical Assistant in Nursing position description profile is offered by all health institutions and describe the basic requirements the employer is looking for in applicants for the position. This is actually a blessing in disguise to employees as they know exactly the parameters that they are to work in.

It is by having the Assistant in Nursing position description at hand and to work to, that ensures all AIN’s work within the capabilities and not stray outside of those capabilities by performing work that does not form part of the profile.

The following is a typical position description for Certified Assistant in Nursing positions descriptions region wide:

Assistant in Nursing Position Description

Key Responsibilities:

  • To be familiar with and practice the values, objective, policies and procedures of the Facility
  • To promote the Facility to residents, relatives and members of the public
  • To maintain all aspects of confidentiality relating to the residents and any policies or procedures at the Facility
  • To participate in the effective day to day management of the nursing home, including maintenance of care levels, as they apply to all residents.

Assistant in Nursing Position Description

Duties Description:

  • Have a good attendance record to provide continuity of service to our residents
  • Be well groomed and have a high standard of personal hygiene
  • Follow the dress code of a facility as outlined in the Policy
  • Have the ability to communicate with residents, relatives and all members of the health care team
  • Be aware of the need for good public relations with all members of the community
  • Use resources with consideration to cost
  • Help develop and maintain a stable environment that encourages growth and teamwork.


  • Keep up to date on all new practices, procedures and equipment as relevant to your working environment
  • Attend mandatory sessions.


  • To care for residents and ensure that all of their daily needs are met
  • To provide a caring, safe and healthy environment for residents and any other persons who may be entering your area of responsibility
  • Monitor health and well-being of residents
  • Be familiar with and ensure all documentation is completed accurately.
  • Be fully aware of Standard Precautions and the Facility’s Infection Control Policies.


  • The delivery of quality care to the residents to enhance their quality of life following Standards and Guidelines for Residential Aged Care Services 1998 Act and Amendments.


  • Communicate with RN regarding resident care issues
  • Ensure accurate reporting of all injury/accidents in the facility
  • Develop, promote and maintain all aspects of staff morale by example


  • Be actively involved in the Quality Improvement Programs and any other programs throughout the facility or home care.
  • Participate in any other programs as required to facilitate requirements as outlined in the Standards and Guidelines for Residential Aged Care Services.

Performance Appraisal:

  • A performance appraisal will be carried out at least yearly or as requested by the Manager


  • Have an awareness of occupational health & safety and how it affects residents staff and your own working environment and to take care in actions which affect the health and safety of self and of other persons
  • Follow safe work practices at all times in accordance with policies and procedures
  • Provide and maintain a safe working environment, reporting potential hazards or safety issues, as outlined in the Occupational Health & Safety Manual
  • Ensure accurate and immediate reporting of all injury / accident occurring in the facility
  • Have a full working knowledge on the use of the fire fighting equipment supplied in the Facility
  • Maintain a working knowledge of the emergency procedures manual.
  • Attend two mandatory fire in-services yearly
  • Contribute a minimum of two CQI improvement suggestions per year.

Skills Set:

  • Ability to work in a team environment
  • Affinity to work with the aged.
  • Caring attitude
  • Basic Computer skills
  • Attention to detail
  • A commitment to excellence in caring for the aged.

Experience Sought:

  • Experience in caring for mature aged persons in a nursing home or lodge environment.

Education and Qualifications:

  • Assistant in Nursing Certification

Personal Attributes:

  • A positive attitude, enthusiasm, flexibility and a desire for personal growth and advancement.

As you can see by the above typical Assistant in Nursing Position Description Profile those requirements are not unrealistic to meet and to work within.

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