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Nursing Homes In Crisis

Nursing homes in crisis might sound like a catchy heading but the reality is it is true. Never have nursing homes been in such a dire position and the situation is only getting worse. It is not only in the major countries but small countries as well that provide aged care facilities that face this crisis.

The situation is very simple. Nursing homes take in residents and provide them with aged care, security and a safe environment. To do this the client has to pay a sum of money for this care. Normally, the figure is around eighty percent of their weekly income goes to the administrators of the nursing home.

Large establishment nursing homes are often listed on the stock market and have shareholders or in co-op situations, investors to please with a healthy return on their investment.  This means the nursing home is operated like a well oiled machine. Nothing goes to waste and resources are utilised to exhaustion.

Make no mistake, nursing homes are BIG business.

Now, where is the crisis you might ask? Well it is in the service providers that creates the blockage in this well oiled machine that is the basis of this crisis.

Simply put, it is the ageing staff and the scarcity of suitable staff to provide the services required to run a nursing home efficiently. As the staff age they are more prone to injury and illnesses. Often ageing staff are working casually to help make ends meet at home until their partner or themselves retire and their desire to work is waning. There is no bother for them to throw a shift.

The crisis in aged care nursing homes is the lack of suitably trained and qualified staff of all working ages.

There is a huge vacuum in the workforce for suitably qualified and trained staff to meet the demands of a nursing home.  If a full time staff member calls in ill and cannot perform their shift, then the nurse on duty is required to have a casual fill that position. Casual wages are more then full time wages, hence and increase in costs.

Then when the casual staff takes up the shift they will require close supervision as often their experience levels are lower when compared to a full time staff member who is completely familiar with the workings of the establishment. This would include up to date training, fitness and stamina to perform a full shift as well as knowledge of the environment such as where is the linen kept?

The crisis also presents itself where the nursing home is required by law to meet aged care guidelines and legal responsibilities of the clients in their care. To do this they must produce documentation detailing each staff member and the training they have received. The establishment must meet key point indicators of having sufficient staff to cater to the clients in their care.

Without staff, the nursing homes are in crisis and therefore no money is made to return to investors.

What was once looked upon as a gap employment opportunity or a part time job, the role of the assistant nurse has become a professional career path as a health care worker. The certified nursing assistant is an equally important and integral member of the whole health care system and each establishment has recognised the import role they play.

Nursing homes are reaching out for staff to fill positions both in the full time sector and the casual pool of workers. The nursing assistants are being offered exciting salary packages and hourly rates by the nursing home establishments to ensure they meet their government and regulatory guidelines.

There has never been a better time to enter the health care field then right now.

While the population continues to age, nursing homes and employment opportunities will flourish and we recommend getting on the band wagon. Get a career in the health field and you will have ongoing security and skills that will enable you to work anywhere in the world and provide you with the lifestyle you desire.

Remember,  respect school teachers and nursing staff as well as each other.

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