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AIN’s are a major component to any nursing team providing personal support and clinical care to patients. It is the Assistant in Nursing who is the one by the nurses side providing support to the nurse when providing care to the patients.

Under the supervision of the nurse, the assistant in nursing will provide to the patients their basic care. Once you have completed your assistant in nursing training and been presented with your Certificate III you will feel confident and empowered to meet these demands.

Typically the assistant nursing training you will participate in will include being able to take blood pressure and record on the patient care chart your findings. You will learn to check vital signs such as breathing difficulties, changes in demeanor, colour of skin and other signs that might require alerting clinical staff.

As part of the duties for an Assistant in Nursing you will be involved in moving patients both in and out of bed, a chair or shower. Manual handling training is provided to ensure you can perform this system of work in complete safety to both you and the patient. Such training will include manual handling training using methods and techniques such as lifting hoists and the use of bed sheets.

One on one training includes feeding and caring for patients that suffer a large range of challenges. Some patients might be capable of feeding and grooming themselves while others will need hands on care. Training will be provided to arm you with the confidence to approach any duty you may have to perform both safely and competently, to receive a satisfactory outcome for both you and the patient.

assistant nursingOne area that is a favourite with assistant nursing students is the introduction to and use of the medical equipment. Monitors of all types such as assisted breathing apparatus, automated drip feed to the “crash” cart. These are entirely new areas that the student is introduced to and with training the student can and will confidently use the medical equipment.

It is well recognized that it is the Assistant in Nursing who is right at the coal face, so to speak. It is the AIN who is dealing with patients and families on a daily basis and often hour after hour.  To this end, it is the AIN’s who provide emotional support to the patient and the members of the patients family. Assistant in Nursing staff receive a high standard in training to provide them with the skills to impart this support, skills they can use at work and in their own daily lives.

Assistant in Nursing AIN Training – On Campus or Online?

If you are interested in studying for your Certificate III and becoming a qualified Assistant in Nursing, you have the choices of taking up formal college training or perhaps your circumstances would best be suited to completing an online AIN studying course.  Online study courses are best suited to those who cannot attend a formal college training course, family commitments or may already be working and wanting to change career paths.

Online training is just as good as the campus training except you do not have access to equipment and lab materials. There are ways around this where you can attend on campus once every few weeks to get a hands on feel. Otherwise, the training received is both subject to completing examinations.

Some hospitals, nursing homes and other medical institutions will provide free Assistant in Nursing (AIN) training on the proviso that you sign up with them after you have completed your training. To find out if this service is offered in your area, then you will have to approach each institution and find out.

Costs for this training will vary and often online training is the cheapest, if you cannot source a free placement.

Assistant in Nursing training can be rewarding as you will receive training in such a variety of skills that you can use both in the workplace and in the home.

Depending on your circumstances you may choose to go online or attend a campus for your training.  The training is provided in modules and as you pass each module you then progress to the next. Remembering that assistant nursing is a rewarding career choice, you are seeking another type of career and lifestyle, Assistant in Nursing training is readily available in your area providing you with a variety of options.

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