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Nursing jobs Australia has just taken a major turn with the Federal Government announcing a Royal Commission into the Aged Care Sector.

It has been revealed that aged care for the elderly is facing borderline abuse with some cases of physical assault being reported. It is such cases that have lead to calls for a Royal Commission into the care of our elderly.

The advocates of aged care are reporting the real reason behind the lack of care being provided to our aged persons in nursing homes is due to the lack of staff, or more importantly, highly trained staff. Nursing homes are in crisis operating on a limited cash flow requiring more government assistance to help them to meet even basic needs of the establishment.

It is for this reason that once the Royal Commission has handed down its recommendations that nursing jobs in Australia will be the next growth sector peaking in employment opportunities.

Coupled with the Royal Commission is the desperate plea from providers that they need more funding to successfully run a nursing home aged care facility and source the staff required to meet the establishment demands. There is simply not enough money available to pay for the extra staff positions as most nursing homes are running at a financial loss.

It was reported on a local television show that one female elderly resident stated her daily wash was a wet cloth to wash her face and that was all. This is a harrowing account of people living in aged care. It is an unacceptable account of neglect and new standards tabled by the Government are to be immediately implemented to stop this kind of treatment being delivered.

The aged persons who present as challenging to deal with are prescribed psychotic drugs on the recommendation of the nursing staff leading to more compliant persons. Also, nursing staff report they have less then ten minutes per person to provide care for during their shift. This therefore means the resident is receiving less than adequate care.

A frail aged person requires sufficient time to simply get out of bed safely, shower and change. This cannot be achieved in less than ten minutes and that alone leads to poor care and treatment. It is not the nurses fault, it is the whole systems fault with inadequate funding for sufficient staffing levels.

Imagine the ethical toll that this has on the staff. They are fully aware of what is happening and it brings them to despair knowing full well that they try as best as they can, but it is not enough.

Staff are placed under a lot of pressure to complete their duties in a shift and their own ethic to care for the people under care places a lot of mental stress and pressure on them. They go home knowing full well that the residents in their care have received less than adequate attention and this leads to questioning their own work ethic, but they persevere.

Nursing Jobs Australia Now Open

The answer is to fund more positions for staff, highly trained staff, so the patient care ratios are well reduced to a point where the resident receives complete care with respect and dignity.

Statistics are reporting that over the coming years that required staffing levels will be in excess of one million suitably qualified staff and this leads to high employment in the nursing field. There will be a lot of opportunity to train as assistants in nursing over the following months to meet the demand for nursing jobs in Australia.

nursing jobs Australia

With high unemployment in Australia at the moment, the government has in place paid training positions for nursing staff and rebates for suitably unemployed persons. By taking advantage of this cost saving measure, now is the best time to train as a suitably qualified certified nursing assistant.

Once certified a position will be easily attained in a nursing home due to the high demand of nursing positions that will be required as a result of the royal commission. Once the Royal Commission hands down its report there will be a legal requirement on establishments to have sufficient staff for the care of individual residents.

We have also considered that there has always been a high demand of suitably qualified staff. Don’t you think the Government see this as an opportunity to provide full time and casual positions that will lower the unemployment figures? The Government of the day do not perform most operations without a sound reason and the only outcome is lowering the unemployment figure. This is quite a strategic move, albeit one well over due.

At the moment the nursing homes operate through a quota system where client ratios to staff are followed according to financial restraints and the industry standards.

That might come across as confronting but the fact remains the nursing home needs to operate within its means. Therefore, advocates are calling for more government funding to meet the costs of increasing staff to meet residential care needs.

The current pay level for a qualified or certified assistant in nursing is very reasonable. Hours of work are flexible and ideal for those returning to the workforce. There is a demand for younger staff and male staff in particular.

A full time position is rewarding as a career choice with superannuation, sick and holiday pay as a benefit. Casual staff receive a higher hourly rate and can fit in perfectly with the needs of those wishing for a position as an assistant nurse.

So there has never been a better time for nursing jobs Australia to be the catch cry around the country as well as attracting overseas staff looking for a working holiday or permanent residency.

We welcome the royal commission as we know our aged care residents need to be treated with respect and dignity and this can only be achieved by providing high nursing care.

Remember, to respect your nurses and teachers at all times.  Now its time to start your training as a Certified Assistant in Nursing.

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