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Assistant Nurse

Assistant Nurse or Nursing Assistant is the fastest growing field in the world. Government economists anticipate that the job growth for the position of an assistant nurse will increase faster than the average for all careers. The field of nurse assistant should be steady as the elderly population increases. It requires people who have passion for serving the humankind.

The person taking up this career is no less than a professional nurse and performs almost the same duties as performed by a certified nurse. Nurses in a health care institute whether it be a clinic or a hospital cannot manage the patients alone, they require some helping hand and that is where the assistant nurse comes into play.

The assistant nurse must be well versed with basic medical procedures and should also be able to make quick observations of a patient’s condition and report that information back to the nurse. The nurses in prodigious hospitals don’t have enough time to spend with patients and as a result the assistant nurses form the “eyes and ears” of the nurses.

Assistant nurses are divided into two classes: –

  • Unlicensed Assistant Nurse and
  • Licensed (Certified) Assistant Nurse.

Assistant Nurse Unlicensed

Unlicensed assistant nurse is an umbrella term used to describe a job class of people who assist individuals with mental impairments, physical disabilities and other health care needs with their daily living activities (e.g.  feeding them food, washing their hands, giving them sponge bath etc) and besides these basic activities they are also required to provide basic nursing procedures (under the supervision of a trained nurse). They do not hold a license or other mandatory professional requirements.

Assistant Nurse Certified

Another class of assistant nurse is the CNA (certified nursing assistant). The duties performed by the CNA are quite similar to the duties of the latter.

assistant nurseThe Certified Assistant Nurse are accredited professionals licensed to conduct their craft in nursing and are considered for jobs in both government and private health care institutes. Whereas unlicensed assistant nurses are only confined to private patient care and are not employed by most leading hospitals.

CNA is a certificate course which can be pursued after completing high school with the course duration being around 6 weeks. Most well known universities offer online learning programs for CNA. The course consists of theory modules and a set minimum hours of on the job practical training.

Assistant nurse is quite a rewarding career. The pay scale of the assistant nurse is almost in parity with that of a professional nurse. The hourly rate is in the range of $8.34 – $14.18 and overtime is in the range of $ 8.17 – $ 20.88. The net salary at the end of the month would amount to approximately $17,480 – $31,333.  (All data according to the National Pay Scale).

The career of the assistant nurse is a profession that is commensurate with that of a priest or a nun. Persons involved in this profession have the chance to radically improve his/her life and also those of the patient, besides getting a good weekly pay and enjoying good working conditions. The person employed in this field becomes sensitive and caring towards other person’s agony and suffering.

Assistant nurse is a good professional choice for people who have the will to serve other people and want to do good to the society. In the recent past this field has seen a considerable boost in the number of people of opting for this as their profession. It is an easy option for school leavers, as the investment into the course is quite less and it can be pursued while one is working.

At the end of this article, I would like to say only one thing that “Nurses are angels in disguise” and people employed in this profession are apotheosized. It is a good career option and if pursued with total passion, one can make a handsome living and cherish all the joys in this world with a sense of dignity and pride holding the position of an Assistant Nurse.

Assistant Nurse was last modified: March 4th, 2012 by Terry Glass

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  1. Sue H says:


    I was wondering if someone could tell me how I can become a certified assistant in nursing when I live in country NSW our local and none of the TAFE’s within in a 100klms offer courses higher than a Cert 3 in aged care course.
    Thanks a million or your guidance.

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